Production Path
Hot Chili made its way to Chile for large open pitable copper projects capable of achieving relatively near-term production.


Hot Chili (HCH) is an ASX-listed Australian company that acquires and develops copper multi-commodity projects within Chile. The company has major interests in four large, multi-commodity copper projects , and these projects target Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG) and porphyry style deposits with additional potential major endowments of gold and molybdenum. 

The company is focussed on achieving Growth and Development milestones at its Productora project, and in expanding the company’s project portfolio to ensure a sustainable future copper production hub in Chile's Regions III & IV.

Chile is a premier mining country with a stable political regime and an established regulatory framework. Our projects enjoy many advantages, including strong local partnerships and excellent relationships with government.

Our Projects

Hot Chili Projects 2013

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